Male Grooming

Patricia Bielecka - Owner

Patricia Bielecka - Owner

Male Grooming

Today, more than ever before, Men are positively encouraged to look after their skin, as being part of the overall way they present themselves. Skin care, skin treatments and products are no longer considered the preserve of Women.

At Harmony Day Spa many of the treatments we offer are as suitable for Men’s skin as they are for Women’s.

Men generally have a higher density of collagen and thicker skin due to the amount of testosterone in the body which contributes to the possibility of Men having oilier skin than women. Shaving from their teens also means that men subject their facial skin to a much rougher routine from quite early on. This can result in greasy skin, which by definition needs proper cleansing routines to ensure that it is kept clean and blocked pores are minimised. Blocked pores lead to spots, blackheads and can also be a cause of acne hence why it is as important for men, as it is for women, to seek professional advice on skin care and routines. Such things as a poor diet, stress and over exposure to the sun will take their toll on the skin and add to premature ageing signs. Men can very often suffer with quite severe cases of acne on their backs, as well as their faces, and both these areas may require different treatments to help overcome the problem.

One of the first steps to consider is what skin type you have and at Harmony we will be able to help identify this, which in turn will allow us to know which products and treatments are best suited to your skin. Those people with oily skin will require products which control the level of sebum, to address the problems such as blackheads, acne and shine. Those with dryer skin will need to prioritise replenishing and retaining the moisture, as well as removing the dead cell build up, which can inhibit the healthy skin function. Those that have combination skin type, where the skin can exhibit different problems, on different areas of the face/body will need to understand how to combat greasy pores whilst not damaging the more sensitive and drier areas.

Products that should form part of your everyday skin care routine are cleansers, day and night moisturisers and sun protection creams. Treatments that will assist in your skin being kept in it’s best condition are exfoliations, glycolic peels and deep cleansing treatments as well as bespoke treatments to assist in any specific problems that you may suffer. At Harmony Day Spa we also have several ageing treatments which again will promote a healthy, glowing complexion that signifies good health and wellbeing.

Male Waxing is now also an area that has risen in popularity and many men like to keep their hair growth on their body under control. Again at Harmony Day Spa we can assist with this.

Weight loss and weight management is also something that can help people feel more confident about themselves and their appearance which is why we also offer advice and 1:1 support utilising the benefits of a well known Weight Management System – The Cambridge Diet. This system is suitable for men and again will help to enable you to feel the best version of yourself.

Please ring or email  for an obligation free consultation where we can discuss any of the above with you in private. We can look at any skin concerns you may have or just advise you on your general skin care routine and the products which would be most beneficial to you. We take a holistic approach and feel that the body needs to work in Harmony to give you the best possible outcome. Do not be embarrassed or suffer in silence, there is no need!

” How to look and feel better….”

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Male Grooming

Male Grooming Today, more than ever before, Men are positively encouraged to look after their skin, as being part of the overall way they present

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